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MAXSELL COUNTING MACHINE Maxsell MX50 Ultra+ is Note counting machine with Counterfeit detection, Ready for New Currency bills of 2000 & 500. The machine has an excellent counting platform designed to count all types of currency with ease. Be it old, new, deformed, soiled or circulated currency, Maxsell MX50 Ultra+ is the right choice for customers who look for Economical counting solutions including reliable counterfeit detection. It has an upgradation port for future updation, which goes along with Maxsell Philosophy to endure its product for longer life time. The counterfeit detection is based on UV and MG sensor detections which can detect most Indian Super fake notes in Rs. 2000 and Rs. 500 denominations, besides simple fake notes in other denominations as well.
We are the supplier of billing machine and cash counting machine
Bar code Scanner Model: MK 5145 Features: 1. Code Gate®: Ideal for menu scanning application 2. Code Sense®: Automatically switches from “pulse mode” to continuous beaming when a bar code is detected 3. Power link cables: Uses the same user-replaceable cables and power supplies as Voyager® and Orbit® 4. Flash ROM: Update firmware from any PC via MetroSet2® software provided by Honeywell 5. OPOS and JPOS system compatible: Easily adaptable to any end-user system environment
VERTEX TRACKER MINI BILLING MACHINE TRACKER MINI is an ideal companion for small and medium retail outlets for billing, accounting and beyond. The basic model with large display, USB pen drive support, weighing machine interface, language printing etc., comes with a host of features that would delight you all the way. Advanced variants have features like SMS alert, larger printer support etc. Designed on a robust platform with Industrial grade components, TRACKER MINI is built for lasting performance. With assured long term support and ease of use, you will find complete value in a compact foot print
All type of billing machine available
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MAXSELL MX 50i PRO VALUE COUNTER MX50i Pro makes Currency Management truly a Simple Task. MX50i Pro is Priced very competitively with all top features Value Count, Bank Mode, Sort and Fake Detection Functions. Structure is adopted from India's largest selling Intelligent Note Counting Machine , Hence Robustness is Guaranteed. Advanced 3D identification and I-Scan Detection features are built in MX50i Pro to provide accuracy in value and currency recognition and also ensuring Counterfeit notes are detected based on Special features ingrained in the New Denonmination. Large LCD Backlit Display eventually gives every Information the user can use. Get report on Screen at the press of a button.
VERTEX TRACKER PRO BILLING MACHINE TRACKER PRO Cash registers are designed for retail cash billing at sales outlets. It incorporates a host of features for a variety of businesses like hotels, petrol pumps, groceries, bakeries, poultries etc. TRACKER PRO brings you high performance and reliability on a state of the art hardware platform and lets you automate your business with ease
LED RUNNING DISPLAY BOARD LED DISPLAY BOARD applies to information displays for all the vehicles, stores, outdoor ads, signs etc., and to chain and cluster management for LAN communication. Wireless transmitting for U-Disk & RS232 serial port & network port, simple to operate, rich and nice display effects, easy software interface, cost-effective; also, more than 98% single/dual color screens are supported. Time, image, text, count, temperature (Module needs to be connected.)Etc.; Various action modes; Have the settings function of area/program/custom borders; More than 40 special character effects; Support hollow/stroked characters; Support the background settings of area characters; Support simple animated characters