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MAXSELL TURBO New 2000, 500 Ready with Piece count and Value count, Value Count, Bank Mode, Denom Sort, Free Count, . Displays total value and also the Sub-total with denomination breakup, Dust Proof 3D Sensor Construction technology, Automatic counting, batch pre-setting (incl value) and adding function (incl Value) , Innovative Touch screen keypad with backlit. Backlit Graphical LCD Display with User friendly information, Adjustable Feeder Specially Designed Power Supply helps in working even in low voltage area like 100 V, RS-232 or USB surface to download Future software upgrades, Download Counting data into PC (Optional) Detect double-note, chained note, half note, fold note, Old version External Display (Optional) Optional Printer to take the Print out of Denomination Breakup - Makes it easy for attaching denomination details for cash received.
HONEYWELL ORBIT SCANNER Honeywell's Orbit 7120 omnidirectional scanner—the all-time, best-selling hands-free omnidirectional laser scanner—is an innovative, elegant and affordable solution for convenience retail applications where counter space is at a premium. Recipient of multiple design honors, the Orbit omnidirectional scanner has an award-winning shape that enables hand-held scanning of large, bulky items. This laser scanner offers an omnidirectional pattern scan line which provides aggressive presentation scanning. The scanner also has an adjustable head to target scanning for larger products.