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PHI BLUETOOTH PRINTER Item: 3” Bluetooth Thermal Printer Size: 127*103*55mm Paper width: 80mm Printing width: 72mm Resolution: 203DPI Battery capacity: 2000mAh Standby Time: 100 Hours Printing speed: 50mm/s Paper Roll diameter: 50mm Paper type: thermal paper Print context: text, bar code, two-dimensional code, graphics. Interface: USB, Bluetooth (Support Android and iOS)
Banko 20 Features: Automatic start, stop and clear. With batch, Add and self-Checking functions. UV, MG, IR and MT counterfeit detection. Automatic half-note, chained notes detection. Double-note detection with IR. Mixed value counting for Indian Rupee and show. The each numbers of different denominations. LCD turns red when detects fake note. Counting speed:1000 pcs/min. Counting capacity: 200 notes Size of countable note 50*110-90*190mm. Power supply: AC220V+10%50Hz