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Banko 20 Features: Automatic start, stop and clear. With batch, Add and self-Checking functions. UV, MG, IR and MT counterfeit detection. Automatic half-note, chained notes detection. Double-note detection with IR. Mixed value counting for Indian Rupee and show. The each numbers of different denominations. LCD turns red when detects fake note. Counting speed:1000 pcs/min. Counting capacity: 200 notes Size of countable note 50*110-90*190mm. Power supply: AC220V+10%50Hz
Maxsell Mx 50i or Customers who look for Affordable Note Counting Machine that can flawlessly detect fake notes & provide uninterrupted operational performance - MX50i is the Perfect Choice. Maxsell MX50i is India's Favourite Cash Counting Machine. Equipped with high precision sensors and advanced MG Spectrum Analyzing technology it helps in identifying counterfeit currency while counting and making it Impossible for MX50i to miss any Fakes. Identifies the latest 2000, 500 currency and needs no updation. Proven by our tests at India's Leading Banks & RBI. Exclusive Feature - For First Time In India we have installed Auto Recovery Power System on MX50i Note Counting Machine which will protect the machine from Fluctuating Power Supply & Overheat due to Load supply. Counts New ₹2000, ₹500 Denomination. Fits anywhere, compact design, Easy to carry handle Designed for Easy & Maintenance Free Operation I-Scan Technology for detecting SUPER FAKE NOTES (Tested by RBI & leading Banks) Detect fake note right on the counter to avoid further embarrassment or confusion User friendly functions and interface Saves time & labour
MAXSELL COUNTING MACHINE Maxsell MX50 Ultra+ is Note counting machine with Counterfeit detection, Ready for New Currency bills of 2000 & 500. The machine has an excellent counting platform designed to count all types of currency with ease. Be it old, new, deformed, soiled or circulated currency, Maxsell MX50 Ultra+ is the right choice for customers who look for Economical counting solutions including reliable counterfeit detection. It has an upgradation port for future updation, which goes along with Maxsell Philosophy to endure its product for longer life time. The counterfeit detection is based on UV and MG sensor detections which can detect most Indian Super fake notes in Rs. 2000 and Rs. 500 denominations, besides simple fake notes in other denominations as well.
RUGTEK CASH DRAWER MODEL: CR 405 Metallic cash drawer with metallic gears/wheels, Black Color , Durable Industrial design Compact Metal Drawer w/fixed 4 note & 5 coin compartment 3 key lock position Dim: 335W X 380D X 90H mm RJ12 Receipt printer interface
Bar code Scanner Model: MK 5145 Features: 1. Code Gate®: Ideal for menu scanning application 2. Code Sense®: Automatically switches from “pulse mode” to continuous beaming when a bar code is detected 3. Power link cables: Uses the same user-replaceable cables and power supplies as Voyager® and Orbit® 4. Flash ROM: Update firmware from any PC via MetroSet2® software provided by Honeywell 5. OPOS and JPOS system compatible: Easily adaptable to any end-user system environment
MAXSELL MX 50i PRO VALUE COUNTER MX50i Pro makes Currency Management truly a Simple Task. MX50i Pro is Priced very competitively with all top features Value Count, Bank Mode, Sort and Fake Detection Functions. Structure is adopted from India's largest selling Intelligent Note Counting Machine , Hence Robustness is Guaranteed. Advanced 3D identification and I-Scan Detection features are built in MX50i Pro to provide accuracy in value and currency recognition and also ensuring Counterfeit notes are detected based on Special features ingrained in the New Denonmination. Large LCD Backlit Display eventually gives every Information the user can use. Get report on Screen at the press of a button.
MAXSELL TRUE SCAN NEO Maxsell Truscan Neo is the Award Winning Fake Currency Detector. Neo has it all - Design, Style, Compact, Functional. Indian rupees are very challenging when it comes to detecting fake note. The difference between genuine and fake is too little to figure out. Truscan Neo makes it easy for you. Truscan Neo has too many advantages, clearly making it a winner. Truscan Neo is Europe's Top Seller for Euro currency detection. It has special sensors installed for Indian rupees and scans any currency less than 0.5 sec (half second) with high accuracy. It can detect denomination, version and counterfeit notes instantly in just one go. Maxsell Truscan Neo is ideally suitable for POS, Retail counters, Chains, Super market, Fuel stations, Toll stations, where ever cash jingles.
LED RUNNING DISPLAY BOARD LED DISPLAY BOARD applies to information displays for all the vehicles, stores, outdoor ads, signs etc., and to chain and cluster management for LAN communication. Wireless transmitting for U-Disk & RS232 serial port & network port, simple to operate, rich and nice display effects, easy software interface, cost-effective; also, more than 98% single/dual color screens are supported. Time, image, text, count, temperature (Module needs to be connected.)Etc.; Various action modes; Have the settings function of area/program/custom borders; More than 40 special character effects; Support hollow/stroked characters; Support the background settings of area characters; Support simple animated characters
Balaji billing Machine Print method Thermal line printing Print Speed 50 mm / sec (10 bills per minute) Paper width 55 mm / 79 mm Paper roll size Maximum Dia 75 mm Print width 48 mm / 72 mm Dot density 203 dpi x 2013 dpi (8dots/mm) Language English / Regional Type of paper Thermal rolls, Heat sensitive face out side Sensor Paper out & cover open Paper Thickness 0.06 – 01 mm Reliability print head 50 km Power supply DC 5 V/ 2A